20th anniversary tour

Bernhard Wöstheinrich and Markus Reuter will go into a retrospective mode for this tour, mixing their space music and experimental electronica in varying ratios, depending on the nature of the context their are performing in.
Having started to perform together in 1996, this series of concert is a personal celebration of a long-term artistic collaboration.
Take part in this entirely non-commercial effort and follow us on this tour by tuning into radio shows, showing up at our club shows or private living room concerts.

For part of this tour we will be joined by Nocturne Blue.

centrozoon is currently mostly working as a trio with Swiss member Tobias Reber, who unfortunately is not able to join us on this tour. You can see and hear the trio in action in this preview for the upcoming “Hununpenti” DVD and CD

Tour dates (always double check with the venues or contact us with any questions)